Hello there, I am Ademola Thompson. I am a computer programmer with a Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science. My passions include working on DirectX applications and designing tool applications.

Prior to attending Middle Tennessee State University, I had always believed that I would focus in the field of Computer Engineering, but after I took my first college level programming course, C++ , I decided that programming was the path I wanted to take. What drew me to computer science was the vastness of the field. It is one of the few fields that can bring together disciplines as distinct as physics, and graphic design, and create works of art. Game Development is a great example of this process. Not all programmers can look at a new library implementation or coding standard and be wowed by it, some need a visual representation to fulfill the artist and programmer within them. The amazing thing that computer science has is that there are dozens of ways to learn one coding scheme. I for one found that when I began programming in DirectX , and seeing how one line of code effects a visual entity,  my overall programming equity increased. Through that outlet, I began exploring other languages, C#, Java, and etc, and other disciplines entirely different than Computer Graphics. I've learned along the way that, the act of coding isn't what is difficult, but the act of coding well is, and with this knowledge I constantly pursue better ways to hone this craft.