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Ademola Thompson

725 S. Bixel Street Apt 454B, Los Angeles, CA 90017, (M) 917-560-1115


Advanced Skills

Programming/Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Lua, HLSL, GLSL , Javascript, HTML , Python , PHP , MySQL, SQLite , TCP/IP

Software: DirectX , OpenGL , 3ds Max, Maya

Source Code Control: Git , SVN

Design & IDE Tools: Visual Studio, Eclipse Juno/Luna


Projects / Experience


l Multi-threaded programming

Designed a load balancing and task stealing scheduler in C++

- Created a simple interface that supports executing member functions and free functions on multiple threads.

- Learned how to create a task system profiler.

- Generated a dependency graph that can be output to json.

l Computer Vision

- Worked with a team to implement a solution in C++ that used histograms for sub-image detection.

- Edge Detection of a given object.

l GPGPU (General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit)

- Developed a memory compaction and defragmentation tool (HLSL and C++).

- Produced a solution that performs navigation mesh path finding using the A-Star algorithm. (HLSL and C++).

- Performed Agent Based simulation using Compute Shaders (HLSL and C++).

l Machine Learning

- Generated a Feed Forward and Recursive Neural Network API in C++

- Used Neural Networks to generate a dynamic environment consisting of terrain, weather, and music given user settings.

l Application Development

- Developed a code generation tool in C++.

Given a C++ library, the tool will generate serialization and cross-language code that allows the user-provided C++ code to call into a varied set of scripting languages , i.e Python, Lua, C#.

- Database management system (Python)

l Optimization

- Optimized code for an agent simulation

Converted an object-oriented simulation into a cache coherent data oriented simulation and obtained a 15x increase leveraging a task scheduler and prefetch.

- Parallelized Occlusion Culling simulation using parallel-for.

Parallelized code based on the number of worker threads available on the CPU and the amount of objects to cull.




University of Southern California August 2015 - May 2017

Major: M.S. Computer Science

Concentrations: Computer Graphics, Computer Architecture, Software Engineering


Middle Tennessee State University August 2010 - May 2014

Major: B.S. Computer Science

Concentrations: Software Engineering, Compiler Design & Software Development,

Computer Graphics, and Computer Architecture

Honors: Dean’s List 2011, 2013

Other Experience

Siggraph Vancouver Student Volunteer: Helped present a solution developed by the MIT media lab using light projection matrices to create a scalable solution for projection technology.